Rowan Lommel

Rowan Lommel

Rowan Lommel, Yoga Therapist, Ojai, California

Yoga Therapy and Counseling 

Yoga therapy means adapting all the tools of yoga to your specific needs and goals, creating an evolving, individualized yoga practice which includes not only a series of movements (asanas), but breath work (pranayama) and even visualization and sound.

Instead of fitting you into fixed series of yoga postures, a yoga therapist is trained to attune to you, to listen to you and your life concerns—physical, emotional, or aspirational—and adapt the wide, subtle range of yoga tools to unlock the potentials already in you for healing, mental clarity, and growth.

What is today called Yoga Therapy is the original approach yoga took thousands of years ago, between one yogi and one student, approaching life as an energetic whole. Only later, in the West, did yoga become associated with a fixed series of movements that everyone did together, focused on an idea of fitness.

I am a IAYT certified Yoga Therapist, and E-RYT yoga teacher, as well as the founder of The New School of Yoga, which provides training and education in the ancient sources of yoga and yoga therapy.  My training in India and the US has included the KHYT and the KYM schools. 

I'm based in Ojai, California and can provide yoga instruction at a beautiful, quiet retreat in Ojai's East End, or at your location. I'm available to travel internationally, and have spoken and provided yoga instruction in the US, India and Europe. I am trained in Vedic Chant and have organized Vedic Chant workshops as well as small group sessions. 

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  • Yoga therapy session at retreat in Ojai, $108
  • Yoga therapy session at your location, $148 (within 1 hour travel time)
  • Skype yoga therapy sessions, $108
  • Session for group events in Ojai, $200
  • Session for group events within 1 hour of travel, $248
  • Per diem for travel events, please contact


"As a longtime yoga practitioner, I know what yoga can do to advance healing. Rowan has the right background, excellent training and personal qualities which make her an ideal yoga teacher I refer patients to with great confidence."

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