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My Yoga Therapy practice is based in Ojai, California and locally I work with clients in Ventura County, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. For those in other parts of the U.S. or the world wanting to pursue an individual lesson series to develop a personal practice and yoga therapy specific to their needs, which includes an ongoing relationship with a yoga therapist as a support, I offer one-to-one yoga by Skype. Local clients also make use of this option when they are traveling. 

"Will Yoga Therapy Work for Me?"

Yoga therapy is a modern term for an ancient practice of adapting each yoga practice to a specific individual and her or his needs. Yoga therapy uses all of yoga's diverse tools: movement, breathe techniques, visualization, sound and more. I have worked with clients with a wide range of conditions, from anxiety to scoliosis.  However, it is not for everyone. And you don't have to wait to have an acute condition to get the benefits of Yoga Therapy! You can learn more here: What Is Yoga Therapy?, or ask questions on your mind using the form to the right, or call me for a free initial consultation.

All Yoga Therapy Is Specific to You.

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