Private Yoga Instructor

Private yoga instruction in Ojai and Santa Barbara areas.

I support individuals in designing personal practices. Please contact me to find out how a personally adapted practice can transform the meaning of yoga for you, or to schedule our first meeting.

In designing a practice for an individual, I carefully consider the parameters of when a person can practice (morning, lunch break, evening, etc.), what their physical and emotional starting points are, and how long a person can practice.  Your yoga practice should adapt to your needs, not you be adapted to or conformed to the yoga practice.  A personal practice can help us be healthier in body and mind, and create a space for a person’s innate link with the divine.

Yoga’s profound, holistic tools can create positive shifts in your life today.  

Private instruction at the Pepper Tree Pavilion, a hilltop view in the East End of Ojai, or by appointment at your home. 


  • 1 Hour in Ojai area: $108
  • 1 Hour for up to 45 minute travel time: $148.
  • Corporate and Group sessions, $200 per hour locally, or per diem rate for travel to conferences and events.

Get your free introductory consultation by phone

Please contact me to setup a call for a first, free, consultation by phone. We'll discuss what issues you are facing, your background in yoga (none necessary!), why you are looking for individualized yoga teaching or yoga therapy, and ways we can work together.

Rowan Lommel, E-RYT

Coming from a yoga therapy background, I work with individuals to develop individually adapted practices that evolve as your practice does, and as your life changes. Contact me below to setup a free initial consultation by phone.