Individualized Yoga from Ojai, California

The Secret of Yoga? It's You.

Here is something I wish everyone knew: even a simple daily 15-minute personal practice can make profound shifts in your whole life.   

My goal and passion as a yoga teacher is to support you and your potential with a personal practice. Through studying yoga in-depth in India and elsewhere, I discovered yoga helps an individual most fully when it is uniquely adapted to each unique person—and when they are empowered to practice yoga in their own time and space. An individual practice meets the specific needs of the individual, whether it's 15 minutes a day or 60 minutes.  Let's fit yoga to you, not the other way around.

Offering Individualized Online Yoga

Locally, I provide private instruction and yoga therapy in Ojai at a glassed open-architecture hilltop studio with a beautiful view of the Ojai Valley. I also travel to clients' locations in Ventura county, Santa Barbara, Montecito, and the Los Angeles area.

I'm offering online individualized instruction for people who are elsewhere in the world and think they would benefit from a personally adapted practice or from a yoga therapy approach. (I myself work with teachers abroad over Skype in my own continuing studies so I know it can be enriching and meaningful.)

My local rates apply to Skype sessions. You can pay for sessions via credit card of PayPal.

A Life in Yoga

I was born in London but grew up in Ojai, California and it's where I was first introduced to yoga. I began teaching in 2001 and now am focusing on reaching more people with my private yoga and yoga therapy practice, and organizing yoga and mind-body retreats.

I have been fortunate to have studied with the renowned Desikachar lineage of yoga teachers in India, including studies in vedic chant and pranayama. I am curently in a three year further training course in Yoga Therapy based in India (which has a Skype component).

I'm looking forward to partnering with you to design a personal, life-changing practice.


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