Discover Your Healing Voice

The Art and Application of Vedic Chant: Focus on Healing 

​A Workshop in Ojai, California, April 24-26 with Vedic Chant Teacher Sonia Nelson

​Discover How Your Voice Can Bring to Life the Ancient Vedic Sanskrit Texts for Healing Mind and Body

Experience the Living Quality of Vedic Chant for Yourself
Vedic texts, thousands of years old, are presented in the Sanskrit language and contain wisdom still relevant in the modern world. But it is the act of chanting itself that brings life to these texts as well as to the person listening and reciting.

Suitable for All Levels
The program will introduce basic chanting techniques used in simple and universally relevant chants to discover the art of Vedic Chant as an integrating experience for body, breath and mind. No previous experience in the practice of Vedic Chant is required.

How You Will Learn
Using time honored principles of instruction found in the Vedas, we will explore how the practice of Vedic Chant can be used to influence desired change in our body, breath and mind as well as the in the energetic and emotional dimensions of our human system.
Simple practices of asana and pranayama will also be given to prepare for and enhance the experience of seated chanting. 

What You Can Take Away from This Workshop
Chanting is a powerful tool for discovering, expressing and influencing all dimensions of the human system. 

As a practice and study on its own chanting can help us to:
  • Find and refine your own voice
  • Reduce mental and emotional agitation
  • Improve focus, memory and mental discipline
  • Balance energy
  • Improve listening and communication skills
  • Strengthen breathing function
  • Increase sensitivity to the more subtle aspects of well being

Workshop Venue
The workshop will be held in the beautiful Pepper Tree Event Pavilion at on top of a hill with views of the Ojai Valley

April 24, Friday Introduction to Vedic Chant: 6pm - 8pm

April 25-26 Workshop
Saturday and Sunday:  9:30am-12:30pm & 2:30pm-4:30 pm

3 Weekend Options
You can join for the introductory evening or the whole program.

Friday Night: Introduction to Vedic Chant
Brief introduction to Vedic Chant and listening to chanting. 2 hours. $50.

Saturday and Sunday: "The Art and Application of Vedic Chant"
A full weekend workshop that teaches Vedic Chant with a focus on healing chants. $399

Complete Weekend
Friday introductory event, and weekend workshop program. $449. 

About Sonia Nelson

​Sonia Nelson has been a student and teacher of yoga and Vedic chant for over thirty five years, studying privately with T.K.V. Desikachar since 1975. As Director of Antaranga Yoga and the Vedic Chant Center in New Mexico, Sonia focuses her teaching on continuing education and mentoring for yoga teachers, the application of principles and practices of yoga in the healing context, and the development of Vedic Chant training programs.

Details and Costs

Friday, Saturday, Sunday
April 24—26, 2015
Ojai, California

Pepper Tree Event Pavilion

For more details contact:
Rowan Lommel

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Cancellation policy: Friday is non-refundable. Workshop cancellation is $100; No refunds after April 20.