Corporate and Workplace Yoga

I teach yoga to corporations both in the workplace and at company retreats.  I have worked at the Lost Arrow Corporation (Patagonia) and taught at retreats for companies such as Kevita, America’s leading health drink.  I use the tools of yoga to help ease stress in the workplace—which has shown in many studies to increase productivity (happy, relaxed people are more creative and collaborate more efficiently, surprise!)  

The benefits of yoga go beyong physical relaxation and well-being:  yoga in the workplace  can also lead to clarifying and setting goals for work, and also for the company as whole. A great fit then for a company vision retreat.  

When stress levels go down, relationships between coworkers—and with clients—can improve, making the work more fun, meaningful, and profitable, in many senses.

Create a profitable culture of well-being in your company

The science of yoga's benefits is increasingly clear. If you want to be in the top percentile of "best places to work", (especially according to your own employees!), individualized yoga can be a high-leverage perk that you offer. The yoga approach I bring does not force each employee into a certain mould, but is uniquely adapted to each. I am fully-insured, and have extensive experience teaching a wide range of yoga students, from first time to very practiced.

Provide a restorative break during your next conference or retreat.

During your packed conference or retreat schedule, make sure people have a chance to breathe, literally. Breath + movement yoga is a wonderful way to restore and relax to have more energy to focus.
Please use the form to the right to inquire about setting up a yoga program in your company, or to provide yoga sessions at your next conference, retreat or workshop.