by Rowan Lommel on August 7th, 2015

​Mudrā-s & Bandha-s: Working with Fire

Mudrā-s and bandha-s are ancient yogic tools that are emblematic of the power that the tools of yoga can wield.  The system of yoga works not only with ourselves as physical beings but as energetic beings.  Mudrā-s and bandha-s are some of the most potent tools that can work on this energetic level and create positive shifts in our body-mind.

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by Rowan Lommel on Wednesday December 11, 2013

Though for us moving toward the Winter Solstice light is now diminishing, yoga philosophy suggests there is a light within that never wanes.

by Rowan Lommel on Friday October 11, 2013

I've taught lots of kids in my life. I think I've taught kids of all ages, from 3-year-olds to teenagers. Everyone is different. But kids naturally want what yoga offers: a sense of clarity, a sense of peace. And we can't have peace with zombies about.

by Rowan Lommel on Thursday September 05, 2013

"We all need a means to help us access an inner intelligence that is clear and calm and from which we can relate to and function in this world where there is so much confusion and agitation."

by Rowan Lommel on Wednesday July 10, 2013

Today I was teaching a man with Stage IV cancer. I am not thinking about getting him to change. I look to create a space where he can let go of unnecessary stress so that he can feel even just a little bit better.